Centre for Global NCDs

The Centre for Global Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is the central hub for global NCDs policy and research in low and middle income countries.

NUS-LSHTM showcase event: Multidisciplinary research aimed at informing policy decisions in South East Asia

The National University of Singapore and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are participating in staff and student exchange programmes, joint academic and scientific activities and developing collaborative projects. The partnership aims to foster greater cooperation in the areas of infectious disease control, health systems research, and chronic diseases.

We are organizing a joint event to present multidisciplinary research aimed at informing policy decisions in South East Asia, with discussion of recent collaborations on regional work and engagement with policy makers in Singapore.

This will also include NCD research and the idea is to identify collaborations with different countries and geographic areas.

The Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Professor Peter Piot will be introducing the event.

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LSHTM week Global NCDs Event: Adherence to treatment of chronic diseases: Methodological challenges,a multidisciplinary workshop

THE School's annual LSHTM Week is taking place 21-25 September. This year's theme is 'Sharing Ideas, Strengthening Skills'.

The Centre for Global NCDs will be holding a 2 hour event on Monday 21 that explores adherence related research for a number of chronic conditions and the methodological challenges of incorporating insights from different disciplines.

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Short Course

Issues in Global Non-Communicable Diseases: from research to policy (22 - 26 August 2016). This short course aims to train public health professionals in the interdisciplinary approaches to NCD prevention, treatment and care. Registration now open!

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Symposium 2016: NCDs in humanitarian settings (in conjunction with ECOHOST and MSF)

This one day symposium will bring together speakers from academic, development and humanitarian organizations to address some of the most important issues faced when working to improve the care of patients with NCDs. We aim to share best practices and to identify evidence gaps for the assessment, management and monitoring of NCD programmes in humanitarian settings, and more generally to strengthen the link between humanitarian, policy and research organizations.

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Centre for Global NCDs

The Centre draws on the wide range of expertise that currently exists within LSHTM to establish a truly global initiative for research, prevention and control of NCDs. The Centre fosters collaboration and communication between NCD researchers, across a range of settings and disciplines, both within and outside of the School.

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