Launch of ‘Climate Change and the Health of Nations’ by Professor Tony McMichael

This event is being held to launch the ‘Climate Change and Health of Nations‘ book, authored by the late Professor Tony McMichael.

Professor Tony McMichael made seminal contributions to our understanding of how global environmental change has affected human health. In his celebrated book ‘Planetary Overload‘ (1994) he presciently observed “…we are overloading the planet’s ‘metabolic’ capacity to absorb, replenish and restore. Through our aggregate impact, various natural balances are tipping in directions that, if sustained, would make the world less able to support life”. In his new book ‘Climate Change and the Health of Nations‘, published posthumously, he presents a sweeping and authoritative analysis of how human societies have been shaped by climate events. In doing so he provides a compelling demonstration of how the challenge of climate change, drvien by growing demands for energy and food will have far reaching effects on human civilisation that call for transformative policies to protect human health.

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