About Centre for Global NCDs


The LSHTM Centre for Global Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is the global network for NCDs policy and research in low and middle income countries.


The mission of the Centre for Global NCDs is to convene the global NCDs research and policy community to advance the design and conduct of research for NCDs, to facilitate the implementation of evidence based interventions worldwide and, ultimately, to improve people’s health.

Key Principles

We work as a global network with a central hub, at LSHTM, and regional hubs in low-and middle-income countries, which currently includes India (South Asia), Malawi (East Africa) and Ghana (West Africa). The centre builds on existing LSHTM NCDs research strengths; and promotes further development leveraging on existing global research partnerships and platforms. The centre facilitates multi-disciplinary initiatives including experts from different fields such as epidemiology, e-health, health economics, and health policy, and promotes cross-pollination of expertise between the different regional hubs (south to south collaboration).