Eastern Africa Hub

The Eastern Africa Hub of the NCD Centre aims to bring together colleagues who are conducting research on any aspect of NCD in Eastern Africa. Membership in the Hub provides opportunities for sharing of experiences and collaboration, continued training on issues related to NCD research in the region, and strengthened linkages with the NCD Centre at LSHTM. The Eastern Africa Hub also actively collaborates with other Centre Hubs in Western Africa and South Asia.

The Eastern Africa Hub is based in Lilongwe, Malawi, with affiliates in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and other countries in the region.

Research projects in the Eastern Africa Hub include the following topics:

  • Epidemiology of hypertension and diabetes in Malawi
  • Economic burden of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • Evaluation of a novel diabetes treatment model in a humanitarian setting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • The link between HIV and NCDs in Malawi

For more information on joining the Eastern Africa Hub please email adrianna.murphy@lshtm.ac.uk.

Studies across Malawi:Picture4

  • Detailed characterisation of the population
  • State-of-the art technology
  • What is the burden and drivers of hypertension and diabetes in rural and urban areas?
  • Do early nutritional insults increase later risk of NCDs
  • What is the link between HIV and NCDs
  • How much does genetics contribute to the risk of diabetes/hypertension or their complications?
  • How should we intervene?

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